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Regaliana – specialist and distinctive Wall Art, Fresco Paintings and Caricatures

Regaliana is a purveyor of specialist and distinctive arts and crafts to both private and commercial clients in three key areas:

  • Form, which comprises mirrors and mirrored works of art

  • Finesse, which comprises Fresco art and mixed media art

  • Fun, comprising handcrafted caricature models

Our portfolio is comprised of carefully selected products and services, all based around mirrors, mirrored works of art, fresco art, mixed media art and handcrafted caricature models, sourced and supported through exclusive collaborations with acclaimed international Artists and Artisans.


Verb :  “Make or be made into a specific

shape or form”,

Mirrors and Mirrored Works of Art

Our mirrors and mirrored works of art – or mirrored wall art – are both beautiful and exclusive and are formed, painted and finished by hand. Each mirror comes with a ‘Certificate of Authenticity’ from the craftsman who made it, which guarantees its origin, materials and quality.


Noun :  “Impressive delicacy and skill”


Fresco Art and Mixed Media Art

Our authentic Frescoes are all hand painted in Italy by Master Fresco Painters. Fresco painting uses a time honoured process and each of our Frescoes are supplied with a ‘Certificate of Authenticity’ from the Fresco Artist who painted it, guaranteeing its origin, materials and quality.


Adjective :  “Amusing, entertaining

or enjoyable”

Caricature Dioramas and Models

Our bespoke models, free standing or wall mounted, are created entirely by hand by caricature artists, either as scene models or individual caricature models. They are original, bespoke creations, or reproductions of special occasions, memorable moments or of prized possessions.

On-line catalogues

Our online catalogues for mirrors, wall art, Fresco art and paintings and model caricatures feature an extensive choice of "made-to-order” designs, in a range of sizes and prices. We also offer a bespoke service across all products, ranging from the slightest modification of an existing catalogue design, through to bringing individual Client ideas to life via fully customized design commissions of any scale. Whether from the Private or the Commercial Sector our objective is to fulfil the exact requirements of our Clients, therefore, if you are unable to find exactly what you are looking for or require further information please contact us.

With Regaliana, when it comes to authentic Fresco Paintings, handcrafted model Caricatures, Exclusive Ornate Mirrors, innovative mixed media Wall Art and more, the possibilities are endless.